Premium Aquatic Retreat

Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi

Dive into Luxury: Our Premium Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi,
are the Ultimate Relaxation Destination.

Luxury Pool and Jacuzzi Oasis

Delightful Swimming Venue
to wind up

You wouldn’t want to miss our exquisite 1500 sq.ft. swimming pool at Long Beach Hotel. After a hard day sightseeing and roam around, the swimming pool can be your best form of relaxation. It’s superb surrounding grabs the sight of a visitor and attracts profoundly. Our pool has a spectacular fountain which increases the guests charm to a greater extent. You could refresh yourself to the best possible state with our Jacuzzi adjacent to the pool, which accommodates 15 people together. It also has a kid’s pool nearby, which opens up a great opportunity to the children for outdoor enjoyment.
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